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Why Choose Kleber

Why Choose Kleber? 2022-05-05T01:57:33+00:00

Your organisation’s database can be your biggest asset — or your greatest hindrance if it’s inaccurate. When data is wrong or expired, everything from customer experience and conversion to internal resources and budgets can be negatively impacted.

When data is accurate, it’s pure gold for businesses.

Our data enhancement platform is one of the most accurate on the market. It sorts, cleans, updates, and de-duplicates data with a 10% greater accuracy rate than competitors.

The Kleber Intuitive Advantage

Something special happens when more data is made more relevant,
and is met with a more human approach. We call it the Kleber Intuitive Advantage

It delivers up to 10% better data, right from the start. 

That’s 10% fewer exceptions

10% fewer

10% better

and 10% more of
your communications
hitting the mark

What could that 10% mean for your business?

Kleber DataTools

More Human

Rather than standard percentage matching against verified databases (like other data enhancement platforms), Kleber’s unique Human Touch™ algorithm makes sense of information in the same intuitive way a human would.

This means we spot the little inaccuracies that others simply can’t.

And when it comes to data, it’s catching these inaccuracies that takes a database from good to great.

Easy To Buy

Accessing a data platform and its tools shouldn’t be complicated.

That’s why we’ve made Kleber’s purchasing side simple and hassle-free.

Contact us to sign up for one of our monthly plans to create a credit account with Kleber.
The cost of each service is simply deducted from your account.

Monthly plans range from DIY through to Enterprise.

Plans include benefits such as:

  • Free Kleber Trial
  • Credit unlocks access to all 50+
    Kleber Services
  • Full access to self-help library of guides, showcases, sample code, and more
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • Assigned a dedicated Account Manager to cover all technical and development advice
  • Implementation consultation and code review services

Contact us and we’ll help you build a plan that’s right for you

Our Silver Service Promise:

Our Kleber platform provides the following data services:

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