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Fixing Data with Kleber Software

Fixing Data with Kleber Software 2020-04-21T03:25:17+00:00

Get up to 10% better data, right from the beginning

Whether you’re an ecommerce site looking to integrate multiple data sources into one easy to use platform or a business wanting to improve and validate the current data within your database to help with marketing campaigns, we have a solution for you.

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Streamlining Data with Enhancement Software

Data is only as good as its relevance. So, when it’s collected in real time, you know it’s going to be accurate. Kleber specialises in data enrichment that makes an impact on your business. Our data verification software is purposed to have real results that lead to better business.

Our OptiSource System™ gives you instant access to the best data sources for your specific tasks streamlined from multiple verified data sources into one streamlined platform. That means more data that’s more relevant to you in a neat, compact package.

When it comes to data quality you’ll want to nurture and protect your database as best possible. By ensuring its accuracy, you ensure data quality and you can make sure that business decisions are based on concrete facts and figures.

Tools like address validation can correct and validate data, which may help to standardise address formats to suit efficient storage and analysis needs.

Making the Customer Journey Seamless

Business and commerce today is all about making the experience efficient, interactive and user-friendly for the consumer and address capture software is right up there with this type of offering. Many businesses offering goods online include auto complete and predictive functionality throughout their buyers’ journey and for good reason.

For intuitive and accurate results, opt for the powerful technology of a predictive auto address search. If you want to capture customers conveniently, quickly and accurately, this is the option for you and customers find it a more personal experience when they choose their address from the dropdown picklist. An easy customer experience makes for a detailed yet accurate database and customer retention to top it off.

If you have a long form for customers to complete, consider DataTools address capture. They’ll get the right information in the right fields every time all in real time too.

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Address Geocode Software

Anything is possible when it comes to address software including the option for address geocode software. When an address is ‘off the grid’ or quite rural this software will save you and a courier the time and hassle of tracking it down.

With integration with ABS sociodemographic data, all that’s needed is the longitude and latitude coordinates and you’re set with travel directions.

It Parses the Data

Separating data into individual elements has never been easier with our address parsing software. Managers love this quick and convenient advanced parsing technology which allows them to divide any free-form addresses into separate fields.

With more data enhancement, executives will be able to make educated, strategic business decisions.

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