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FAQs 2018-11-22T05:08:55+00:00
How do I access Kleber services? 2017-08-31T01:49:26+00:00

Click here for information on our Monthly Plan options.

What if I discover Kleber isn’t right for me after I’ve signed up to a plan? 2017-06-28T08:22:26+00:00

The beauty of our Silver Service Promise is are no lock-in contracts. You’re free to leave anytime (which guarantees we’ll always be working extra hard to meet your needs!).

What are Kleber ‘showcases’? 2017-08-31T01:50:39+00:00

Our showcases are real-life examples of how you can utilise the power of Kleber to create a solution within your organisation. Each showcase outlines how the data service was created, the costs involved in a typical transaction, optional add-in services, and examples of long-term benefits such as reducing costs within your business.

Contact our dedicated Sales Team for access to more of these working examples.

What is the software specifically referring to when it says ‘technical information’? 2017-06-28T08:23:33+00:00

‘Technical info’ relates to which elements you need to enter, what fields will be in the output, and code samples for many difference kinds of development languages so your developers can see how to implement each service.

Can Kleber adapt to my business as it changes over time? 2017-06-28T08:23:46+00:00

Yes. One of the major strengths of Kleber is its flexibility and ease of implementation. The platform allows a number of different data sources to be ‘plugged in’ and utilised at any time via a simple interface. It’s a web service platform — and works with both SOAP- and REST-style web services. We’ve also designed the platform to be flexible in the response format used. Currently XML and JSON are supported, including the cross-domain versions of JSONp and CORS. Plus, these systems are all built to support future protocols.

How do I know which plan or data service is right for me? 2018-04-25T02:30:33+00:00

Our technical specialists can provide advice on which service or combination of services will suit you best, how best to implement them within your system, which monthly subscription plan will work best for you, and much more.

Simply contact us to book a time with a specialist.

How do I access help after purchase? 2018-04-25T02:29:03+00:00

We offer free unlimited support: our dedicated Support team can provide simple self-help solutions with guides, and our online forum lets you ask other Kleber users for advice. You can also contact our Client Services team who provide all kinds of ongoing support and assistance, from implementation queries to data and account questions.

What is in ‘My Account’? 2018-04-25T02:25:46+00:00

As a Kleber subscriber, you can access all kinds of information in the ‘My Account’ space, such as your profile details, notifications, credit balance and usage.

Why is Kleber cloud-based? 2017-06-28T08:25:19+00:00

Being in the cloud allows Kleber to be super flexible and reliable. It provides clients with a robust, highly secure, and easily scalable system that allows access to automatic updates with no downtime and the comfort of business continuity. It means data is always up-to-date, and because Kleber is maintaining it, the customer can enjoy peace of mind. It also reduces IT costs associated with maintaining complicated systems and hardware.

How is my personal information protected with Kleber? 2017-06-28T08:25:40+00:00

With us, customer data and transaction data are not stored on servers. That means there’s nothing to hack. And for extra security, all data is transported over the internet using SSL encryption and all servers are located in Australian data centres.

What happens if something goes wrong with a Kleber server? 2017-06-28T08:26:00+00:00

Don’t worry — we’ve got this sorted: every 5 seconds, we conduct health checks of our servers and their internal services. Should we find a server that isn’t responding properly, it will automatically be moved offline and a new server ‘spun up’ in its place. The offline server will be monitored until it responds properly, and then moved back online, and the extra server is ‘spun down’. This means that all servers are ready to accept requests from Kleber at all times.

How reliable is Kleber? 2018-05-31T06:42:49+00:00

By utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kleber is Australia’s most reliable, robust, and scalable cloud-based solution. We have implemented our own internal monitoring and diagnostics system, which allows us to keep a close eye on Kleber traffic and anticipate issues before they arise. This, combined with our system to roll out updates with zero downtime, means you can rest assured that Kleber will be available whenever you need it.

What is the history of Kleber? 2018-04-25T02:27:00+00:00

In the early 90s, many of Australia’s largest companies were finding that the software offerings on the market were from overseas and weren’t able to effectively deal with Australian data.

DataTools created sophisticated, Australian-specific data software to solve this challenge.

In 1999, DataTools extended this knowledge by creating desktop-based software for mail preparation in Australia at a time when Australia Post introduced the Postal Barcoding system. We anticipated the growing need to move away from network-based systems and create easy-to-use PC-based software, and ours quickly became the postal production software of choice.