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Database Address Matching

Database Address Matching 2019-09-25T06:04:34+00:00

Improve your contact with customers

Why Does Your Business Need Kleber to Match Customers with the Right Address?

There is a high chance that your business’s database is full of inaccurate addresses. These inaccurate addresses cost your business money, not only in resources spent, but also in missed opportunities. Kleber can assist by matching your database against the NCOA database to ensure you have the most up to date customer details possible.

Australia Post records that 80% of people who move will notify them of the move – how many of your customers do you think will notify you? If your customers aren’t giving you their most updated information, your database becomes a whole lot less effective. Kleber allows your business to update your database to show whether your customers have moved and if consent has been provided where they’ve moved to.

Kleber’s solution gives businesses the power to actively maintain and update their databases.  This means you aren’t sending mail to the wrong address and your communication with customers is more effective. If staying in contact with your customer is important – or if moving house is a sales driver for your company this data is invaluable.

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Why Choose Kleber For Address Match Database Updates?

Kleber is one of Australia’s industry leading data quality enhancement platforms.   If you are looking for more than a once off service to clean your data up to either ensure you can match your customers with the right address or even suppress addresses based on inactive or deceased flags, Kleber can help. Our unrivalled access will give your business faster and more efficient results.

Kleber’s API access to the NCOA gives your business the advantage of real-time updates to match your addresses against, rather than sending off your database or manually updating it. Kleber can integrate with your systems to update your data regularly and automatically. This way, you know that your address data matches your customers most recent information as best possible.

Stop Sending Mail to Inactive Records

Kleber allows for you to also access information based on inactivity or deceased files. This means Kleber can help businesses accurately update databases from the NCOA file to ensure you don’t send mail from your business to inactive addresses or deceased people.

If you’re looking to ensure you don’t send mail to the wrong address, contact Kleber and see how we can help.