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Accurate Data with Address Validation

Accurate Data with Address Validation 2020-04-21T03:27:46+00:00

Address validation keeps you ahead of your competitor

Why do you Need Address Validation

Choosing the right address verification software for your business is a big decision. It needs to be reliable, have accurate reporting to help make strategic decisions and be easy to manage. Without efficient address validation, your customer communication is hindered, deliveries jeopardised and marketing data less than desirable.

Regularly analysing, cleaning and nurturing your data can turn poor-quality data into high-quality name and address data. Bounce back rates can be significantly reduced through address validation and, leaving you with the comfort of knowing you are connecting with your customers effectively.

Save storage space, save time and use accurate data to build quality customer relationships and improve business productivity.

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What is Address Validation Software

Imagine what you could do with more relevant, more accurate data. Kleber allows for accurate data to be incorporated into your business – contact information, postal address and any other unique data that is vital to your business.

Kleber is an address validation software that delivers a more personal and human approach to address validation. It makes sense of information in the same intuitive way a human would, identifying small inaccuracies, as a human would, sorting, cleaning, updating and removing duplicates with 10% greater accuracy than other software.

Businesses deserve address validation software that consolidates verified address data from multiple sources into a single streamlined platform to help your business.

Address Auto Verification Service

Duplicate names and addresses throughout your database can be frustrating and time-consuming to rectify.

Discover address auto verification which analyses, validates, and correlates data from across your multiple data sources, to identify duplicates and clean your data with the most accurate information. Whether it’s an alias address, unit number, or street number this service is time effective and pain-free.

Kleber utilises key national address databases in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries to allow it to authenticate the quality of data against a variety of sources in real time.

Using real-time data and address auto verification tools to verify postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and remove duplicates, saves time, resources, and money like never before.

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Integrate accurate data across applications with an Address Validator

One of the biggest problems with software relates to integration capabilities – can it talk to and from other applications you’re already using? The last thing you want is a loss of data and productivity, topped with inaccurate reporting.

In a website scenario, if you want your shopping cart, site analytics, email marketing program, and survey platform to integrate and cross analyse data ensuring it is the same across all applications – look no further.

To swiftly analyse, gather necessary information and act, it’s important your website has appropriate data parsing and address validation tools like an address validator.

Stop wasting time and money sending items to the wrong addresses, make the most of bulk postal discounts and improve customer retention with the use of this service.

Address autocomplete makes life easier for the customer

Today, it is essential for any organisation to capture addresses fast. The best address capture tools on the market make entering address details not just faster but also highly convenient and accurate. If you’re in need of address capture software, reach out to us to see how Kleber can help.

It’s all about giving that human touch and quicker conversion processes. A lot of time, effort and money can be saved by incorporating predictive search to assist with address autocomplete process.

With an efficient e-commerce website, for example, you can have a great impact on your customer service and customer satisfaction. Let the customer complete lengthy forms with ease. Enjoy seeing increased data accuracy, better customer interaction with your business and an elevated conversion rate.

Predictive address autocomplete functionality reduces delays, incorrect deliveries, and inconveniences caused by inaccurate data capturing and poor customer communication.

When it comes to customer responsiveness and the buyer journey – address autocomplete is one of those tools you can’t do without.